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: DVD Controls Stay Lit All The Time?

09-25-2010, 03:02 AM
We bought an '07 Touring in July and I've noticed that when not being used, the light in the screen section of DVD viewer as well as lights for DVD controls located below the radio, are always on as well. Isn't there an On-Off switch for the DVD player; or another means of shutting off the "juice" to it, other than switching from DVD to another option on the main screen in the GPS-panel?

I'd hate to burn something in the DVD circuitry out when I could have just as easily turned the controls off when not in use. Naturally, the DVD player is only used infrequently, like when the grandkids are in the car.

Thanks; this forum is a godsend, just another reason why I'm so glad I finally "advanced" from Chrysler vans to the "Leader of the Pack".....