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: Wiring a PAC SWI-JACK in '02 Odyssey?

10-28-2010, 03:12 AM
I'm installing a new Kenwood head unit and a SWI-JACK(to mate the steering wheel controls to the new HU) into a 2002 Odyssey(no nav/DVD system). Couple of questions: The SWI JACK says its interface wire needs to be hooked up to pin 3 on the existing Honda wire harness, but I can't find any evidence from wiring diagrams that pin 3 has anything to do with steering wheel radio controls. In fact, on the aftermarket wire harness adapter it looks as if pin 3 has nothing. So, 1) where is the pin or wire located in the Honda wiring that originates from the steering wheel controls that should be connected to the SWI interface wire? and 2) Both the SWI-JACK and the new Kenwood require a switched 12V (red) wire and a ground (black) wire. So does that mean that I am manually going to have to split or Y-connect the existing Honda ground and 12V to accomodate both new units?
Any help would be appreciated.

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