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: 2006 honda odyssey clicking noise underhood??

02-08-2011, 03:52 PM
Ok, here's what I got... Every once in a while and usually after driving for about 20-30 minutes I get this clicking tapping noise from under the hood. It only happens when I remove my foot from the gas and either coasting, decelerating or stopping.
It sound like a solenoid in the engine compartment somewhere on passenger side. I was once able to stop the vehicle put the emergency break on while still in drive and look around for a bit, unable to locate where is was coming from, when it just stopped. It doesn't seem to cause any problems with the vehicle but, it is f' ing annoying...
Does any one have this situation? The dealer drove it around and did not find anything wrong...then told me it would be $65 per hour to trouble-shoot it.. :eek: