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: Engine Mounts on 02 Odyssey

07-07-2011, 01:01 AM
I have just under 93k miles on my '02 van. Long story short, while a mechanic was replacing a leaking water pump, he noticed that the right engine mount was torn. He only charged me for the parts and no labor to replace it since he was already right there with the belts taken off so he could replace the water pump. The other three mounts look good, but the mechanic said that with the new mount in, the other three will have added stress put on them and I might need them changed even within the next 3k miles.
I visually inspected the other mounts and they look to be in good shape. I am in a spot right now where I have access to a shop where I could do this work, but I would have to do it before Aug. 1. I start dental school on that day and will really not have ANY time to do these repairs myself. The mechanic quoted me $700-800 (parts & labor) to replace it or I could buy the parts for under $200 and do it myself within the next month.
My question is, do you think I should do it myself now or just take gamble on the other three mounts working?