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: Blue Tooth Phone Link

10-22-2013, 01:43 PM
I previously posted this in the wrong thread, sorry.

We replaced our 2000 Odyssey EX Navi with a 2013 Odyssey EX-L Navi. We have to say the 2000 Ody was easily the best car we have ever owned. Thirteen plus years of trouble free and dependable service; hopefully the 2013 version lives up to its predecessor. So far it has.

We really like the BlueTooth cellphone linking feature in the new Ody. My wife can more clearly hear and carry on a conversation with the built-in microphone and speakers. Plus January 1, 2014, in Illinois, you must be hands free to use the cellphone when driving.

We have an iPhone 4S that we use; we have the iPhone Contacts Address Book sorted by Last, First names. For some reason the Address Book, when it is linked to by the Ody BlueTooth software it re-sorts the Address Book by First, Last; the reverse of the how the telephone has it sorted. Until now I never realized how many people named Jim and John that I know.

Does anyone know how to retain the sort sequence specified in the telephone when the Address Book is imported and displayed by the Ody? I have no intention of changing the iPhone to match the Ody.