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: GPS Feature Needed

10-22-2013, 01:59 PM
We replaced our 2000 Odyssey EX Navi with a 2013 Odyssey EX-L Navi. The new Ody GPS is much better than the previous unit. It is easier to use with numerous new features.

We live in Illinois where we have numerous toll roads; these toll roads use “Open Road Tool Collection” lanes. Cars that are equipped with electronic toll transponders are able to proceed at highway speed through the toll collection area. Overhead sensors interrogate the transponders to record and collect the tolls. No need to slow down and pull over to pass through the cash toll collection lanes. Many other states have these types of toll collection areas. We once drove from Illinois to Maine and return without stopping to pay a toll.

We do have a question about how the GPS reacts to toll collection areas; the GPS treats them like exits and starts prompting to exit right 2 miles from the toll collection area. It keeps prompting until the toll area is passed.
We would like to see the GPS include a setup menu item where we could specify that we are equipped with a toll transponder. The GPS could then ignore toll areas. Either that or change the GPS software to ignore toll areas. I agree that it may be useful for non-transponder equipped vehicles to be prompted when approaching the toll collection areas but it is an un-necessary distraction when you have a transponder.

A minor aggravation we know; but since the GPS is smart enough to detect when you cross a time zone boundary and re-set the car clock it should be able to handle this. Maybe Honda will listen to this thread and provide an update providing this feature. We can hope can’t we?