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: 02 Odyssey Q?

11-05-2013, 08:25 PM
I'm the new guy here. Just got 02 Odyssey today (Nov 5, 2013). Former Caravan guy here, I switched the radios in T&C and Caravans a few times.
My Q?
I see plenty of radios on ebay for good prices. My 02 Odyssey has the CD/AM-FM radio with the blank (empty) box underneath. I want to add cassette/CD radio.
Can I put the 6CD Changer/Cassette/AM-FM radio into my 02 Odyssey? The sellers on ebay say "fits all trims 2002 Odyssey"......are they right? or just trying sell their goods?
So far I LOVE this site......thanks to those who run it....thanks to all who can assist with Qs. Thanks.

11-11-2013, 07:45 AM
I had originally asked a Q about replacing single disc CD radio with others.
I found a perfect 6 Disc Changer/Cassette/AM-FM radio for $75 (with free shipping and no sales tax) on ebay. It arrived in perfect condition.

I carefully removed AC/Radio Dash panel and swapped out the radio. The 6CD Changer Radio fits perfectly, works perfectly AND the steering wheel controls work on all functions (CD,Cassette, AM-FM).

NOTE: The radio I bought on ebay had brackets screwed on each side. I swapped the brackets from my original radio to the ebay radio and put it back into the dash with NO problems.
So, yes, on my 02 Odyssey the 6CD/Cassette Radio fits and works perfectly.
INSTALL HINT: The rectangular tab to the left of the radio is best removed with a butter knife and NOT a screwdriver. AND, slide the butter into the top of the rectangular tab, NOT the bottom*
*The bottom tab is much larger and more difficult to pry out. Slide butter knife in top, not bottom.

The entire radio swap took about 25 minutes.
I'll now be on the lookout for a Navigation System Radio for my 02 Odyssey.
Bottom line? The 6CD Changer/Cassette Radio fits in perfectly to 02 Ody.