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: I'm bone health is what we wanton take

shilpa rao
04-02-2014, 01:22 AM
I'm in the winter time because it is scold I think there's a there's a there's strongmen to foreigners who served in mom I'm flair about that that resonates for me because I'm bone health is what we wanton take care of you want to support our structure her body and either keep this level at her keepers at a quarter level and honor skeletal structure and our bones on a combination of Armani and so we want it penetrate the circus with nutrition and with these exercises she would nourish the tissue and bone and bone Bronx which are importer in part of the nutritional factor this program as well as I'm other parts of nutrition Mike see-saw and seaweed ocean food again no water element in the ocean we keep our I'm are you Tristan from the ocean it because that contains the most minerals on her and minerals will help strengthen bones besides as calcium magnesium an abundance of trees minerals bone broths as well on happened Raspberry Ultra Drops (http://raspberryultradropsfacts.com/) marrow heavy get from bone broth with the wish designs balancing our central nervous system will also Peter bones Arlington’s I'm don't issuer joins and make them stronger more fluid ancillary be incorporated on cross into this program just for that reason and I'm hmm blue and black are the colors connected to you were on page ten now I'll and going office she'd and this chart miss comes from really brilliant book on staying healthy seasons what else ha-ha nice thank you for asking for this image and the colors blue black and again big step d like the ocean make the water element the external world dark where the darkest time a year blue-black is the symbolic color you know he where things are long black that's also very important to have according to Chinese medicine and I've never had a personal on experience from this time wearing blue and black they say could help super kidney house and bladder health and given food every can be blown black beans black sesame seeds complex Libyans on darker color here to help nourish kidney okay so there's more information there which you can look at on I'm not free.