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: Navigation Screen Black; New Navigation Controller Installed

08-30-2014, 02:55 PM
Hi all,

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring. My Navigation Control Unit under the driver's seat decided it stop working. I was able to find another one pretty cheap (but it looked pretty banged up) and bought it. I plugged up the new one. It started up fine. The security code I had for it worked perfectly. I installed my 2010 disc and everything was working wonderfully.

My old Navigation Control Unit case was in perfect condition but the new one's case was pretty banged up and looked like crap. So, I opened them up and swapped out the insides of the new one and put in my original case. I'm sure that everything got plugged up back the right way (and no extra screws laying around).

However, when I took the new one (in my old case at this point) out to the car and plugged it back in, my navigation screen is only showing black and the disc drive is not even wanting to accept discs (not rejecting them, but actually not even wanting to take them in); almost like it doesn't have power going to it. But the orange light on the front of the unit (that you press to opened the door to the unit) is lit up, so there is some power going to it.

I tried the three button sucker punch but screen and buttons are totally unresponsive. And I tried disconnecting the battery for a couple hours and still no luck.

Any ideas as to what may have caused my new unit to not work now?