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: Blitzsafe Auxilary Input Adapter Installed

12-15-2007, 05:19 PM
NOTE: Photos coming!

Similar to the PIE adapter, the Blitzsafe Adapter plugs into the back of the Odyssey radio (if it is XM capable) and an iPod or other device with a headphone out jack can be plugged into it for listening over the radio.

I purchased mine at LogJam Electronics for $108 shipped, although they might be found slightly cheaper elsewhere.

The front dash piece can be easily pulled off, starting at the right.

You will need to move the shifter (while beeping!) to Drive to get the dash off on the left.

Three electrical connectors need to be unplugged to get the dash out of the way. I also removed the top compartment at this time, so as to drill a hole in the rear of it for my stereo connector. You could also drill a larger hole to feed the cable from the Adapter directly to your iPod.

The radio comes out by removing three screws. The center one is fairly deep to the rear but easy to unscrew.

Here's the radio hanging down in front of the dash. You unplug a multi-wire connection to the radio, plug that into the Adapter, and a plug from the Adapter plugs into the radio. I wrapped some foam around the adapter to keep it from rattling and just shoved it to the back of the radio compartment.

Note the two RCA jacks. That's your stereo input. I got a cable from Radio Shack with male RCA plugs on one end, and a mini-stereo plug on the other to connect to my iPod (actually a Sansa.). Feeding the cable down to the top compartment in the center dash is a minor challenge!

I wanted a plug in the back of the center compartment, rather than just feeding the cable from the adaper into the compartment. I could not find anything suitable at Radio Shack, so I made my own by soldering two circuit board mini-stereo plugs (from RS) together. I then drilled a hole at the back of the compartment, and mounted this connector.

Re-attach the radio, re-install the center compartment, plug in the three electrical connectors to the dash, push it back on you're done!
Sound quality is excellent, and the player hides away nicely in the center compartment.

Note: There has been mention of an XM plug near the driver's side fuse panel that such an adapter could be plugged into, avoiding the need to remove the dash. Well, I looked and looked and could not see such a plug on my 2007 Odyssey EX, although the looking was difficult and it might be there!

12-30-2007, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the great write up. I was looking at installing the USA Spec Ipod adapter. Thanks to you, I looked up the XM installation instructions and found the 14 pin connector you mentioned. It is wrapped in blue tape up above the fuse panel. I can use that to install the USA Spec and not have to pull the dash apart to get the radio out. This will save me some time and end the wife's worries that everything will rattle after I put it back together. No faith. I'll post here when I get everything installed.

12-31-2007, 10:40 AM
Good for you on finding that plug that escaped me. Should make the install much easier.

04-15-2010, 08:35 AM
Here are XM installation instructions that help locate the XM plug. See pages 5-6.

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