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: P2279 air leak code?

08-27-2017, 11:05 PM
I've got a 2005 Odyssey EXL with 165k miles. I was getting irregular idle so I removed my throttle body and cleaned it by spraying cleaner on the rag and wiping it clean. I did NOT remove the MAP sensor during the cleaning. I installed the TB using a new aftermarket gasket torquing the bolts to 16 ft-lbs. I used the Foxwell diagnostic tool to reset the ECM and drove it to normal operating temp then let it idle for 15 minutes to let it re-learn idle. Idle is better. On my 2nd or 3rd trip after driving it 20-30 minutes each time the CEL came on. Checked for codes and found a P2279 Intake Air System Leak. Reset the code and checked for air leaks. Couldn't find anything. Another 2 or 3 trips and the P2279 came back. Grabbed the freeze frame data and cleared the code, came back again and grabbed the freeze frame, here are some of the sensor readings when it coded:

1st code:
Engine Speed 800 RPM
Vehicle Speed 0 MPH
MAP Sensor 1.294V
MAP Sensor 42 PSI

2nd Code:
Engine Speed 1657 RPM
Vehicle Speed 45 MPH
MAP Sensor 0.902V
MAP Sensor 27 psi

I'm really surprised to see MAP Sensor readings of 42 and 27 PSI, if MAP sensor is absolute pressure and the intake is under a vacuum I don't see how the MAP sensor could be greater than 14.7 PSI. When I let it idle the MAP sensor reads 1 V and 4.5 psi. I don't see how the sensor was reading 0.902V at 27 PSI one time and then reading 1V at 4.5 PSI. Sense the sensor only sends a voltage to the ECU then the ECU must be converting the voltage to a PSI reading for display in the tool and maybe its internal processing. With the engine not running MAP reading 2.8V (or so) and 14.4PSI, baro sensor was reading the same as the MAP with engine off. I would think if I had damaged my MAP sensor and it was giving me a false PSI reading then the voltage reading would be faulty as well. I'm tempted to replace the MAP sensor but don't really want to just throw parts at it. Ideas?

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