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: 2005 Touring Transmission troubleshoot

07-02-2019, 02:30 PM
I have a 2005 Touring that has recently given me problems with it's transmission.

This is a new to me van, never owning an Odyssey before. We bought it this past fall and have driven it in varying conditions and no problems. Last weekend we were on our way to a family vacation when it started. This was the hottest day we've driven it yet, 96 F outside and we drove it 75 MPH for over 30 minutes on the Interstate, which was about 45 min - 1 hour into our trip. It was in cruise control and I noticed the RPM gauge climbing up while it felt like it wasn't pulling as much. So I took it out of Cruise Control and got off on the next exit. When I came to a stop I had to rev the engine above 4K RPM (but less than red line) to get it to move. I was able to coax it into a service station. At this point I felt I could get it back on the Interstate and try to get as close to home as possible. I got it back to highway speeds for about 3-4 miles and it quit pulling. Engine RPMs revving high but the transmission wouldn't pull. While on the phone trying to get someone to come pick up my family so I could get a tow truck out to tow us home, I decided after 30 minutes to try again. I put it in drive and it worked as if nothing was wrong. I get 30 minutes down the road and get off the Interstate again and again it stops pulling. I am able to let it sit a few minutes and get it to pull enough to get it another couple of miles. This goes on for the next hour and a half until I get it to a relative's house who then takes us home to get our other van and we're able to continue our trip. Today I picked it up and drove it the 5 miles home with no problems. Also, last weekend when it wasn't pulling the CIL never came on. I will see if there are any pending or other codes in the transmission module when I get home today. But like I said, no CIL on. I did smell what smelt like hot / burning ATF when it wasn't pulling.
I do have a little experience with transmissions. I have rebuilt a GM 4L60E and it worked after I put it back into my vehicle. What I'm after is any guidance in troubleshooting this transmission that I can get. I have read that these Odyssey transmissions are prone to overheating, so adding an aftermarket cooler is definitely in the cards.What else should I look at before trusting this transmission again? What are some good resources online I can use for my research on this transmission? I used transmissionbench.com for my GM transmission, but they only cover domestic transmissions. Thanks for looking.

07-10-2019, 11:40 AM
Sounds as if your transmission totally failed. Our last transmission failed the same way on a grade coming out of Nevada. We had six (6) transmissions over the 300,000+ mile-life of our 2000 Odyssey. Honda replaced the 1st one, only. Drain (don't flush) and re-fill the transmission every 60,000 miles. We love the van and are driving a 2015 now with no problems so far (68,000 miles). Google "Honda Odyssey Transmission problems". Good Luck. :)