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Default Timing Belt related tune up parts - NEW

All parts fit on my 2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L

I am pretty sure 2005 to present day use the same parts, but i'm not sure. Its up to you to do your research to see if these parts fit on your vehicle.

All parts have been installed and run for maybe 5 minutes. The engine was making a ticking noise and we kept swapping out parts to try and find it. Eventually went back to mostly using the parts that were originally in there. I intended to install these parts in my van in another 30 or 40k miles, but ended up selling the van - hence why these like-new parts are for sale.

All parts are high quality Aisin, or straight up from the Honda dealer.
All parts located in the California Bay Area (concord 94553)

I know I dont have any posts here, but I have over 10,000 on, and my Ebay is SpeedyCorky, so is my Gmail Email, so I'm legit, and can provide countless references.

EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! I dont login here much, so Email is the best way to get ahold of me
[email protected]

First up is a water pump, Aisin part from RockerAuto.

new OEM Honda timing belt tensioner $80 (was $200 new)
timing belt idler pulley $20, and tensioner pulley $30

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