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Old 06-21-2012, 09:40 AM
howelryan14 howelryan14 is offline
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ive kinda had the same situation but not with the honda..
...ODY at Attleboro MA Tires & Auto Repair Shop...
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Old 09-27-2016, 02:44 PM
Tvax1 Tvax1 is offline
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I know old thread but hoping for a little help for my 2009 Odyssey.

Power steering is very hard to turn at low engine revs and so I just replaced the PS fluid reservoir and flushed the lines. *No improvement(maybe 1%). *Thinking to replace the pump next but the pump sounds silent and there is no bubbling in the reservoir currently. *I came upon another thread and thought maybe a rack adjustment might be related to my problem so wanted to get anyone's opinion. *The one important piece of additional information that needs to be mentioned is that I got the van's wheels aligned several months ago well after this problem first started where the steering wheel was very difficult to turn. *When I got the alignment, the difficult turning was*improved 100%. *This lasted for about 3 to 4 months and then gradually returned to exactly the same difficulty after about 6 months.

Any ideas as to whether I should just go and replace the pump versus attempt a rack adjustment. *TIA for any ideas.
Here is the rack adjustment thread I had found: http://honda-tech.com/forums/acura-i...2572614/page3/

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Old 11-22-2016, 10:43 AM
bobodaclown bobodaclown is offline
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Hello All,
Had the symptoms of noise and foaming. Replaced the O-ring and all is better now.
Did a lot of reading. This is less than $10 fix. Easier to try first.

I did use a turkey baster to remove the fluid from the reservoir. (Did not replace it) got most of it out. Stuffed a small rag under the bolt to catch any dripping fluid. Used a 10mm box wrench on the nut. Bent it in the vice to make it easier to avoid the alternator wire and pully. Didn't have to remove any pieces/parts. (Remember alignment so it's easier to get bolt back in).
Removed bolt from holder, it almost fell out and down, but rag caught it. Removed pipe, it does drip a little bit. Old o-ring (black) was stuck in the hole, used screwdriver to remove it, careful not to scratch metal.
Wiped off/cleaned pipe. Installed Orange O-ring on pipe, a little clean fluid on o-ring. Installed, finger tightened bolt, snugged down with 10mm box wrench.
Fill fluid. started car, turned steering wheel lock to lock. It was quiet! Topped off power steering fluid.
Life is good.
Ordered 3 bottles but only used 1 bottle of fluid.

Try this fix first!!!!
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