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Old 05-12-2014, 08:12 PM
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Default Keys Please !!

Hi All ...
We joined this forum because we (family of five) just purchased our first Honda Odyssey- a 2004 one-owner vehicle with a low 145K miles. It is my wife's car and she simply loves it. I do too. While we are totally struck by the quality (previous vehicle was a KIA) we are baffled about our recent experience in trying to get keys made.

The previous owner only had one original key as well as an aftermarket key fob that remotely opens, closes, and starts the van ... and activates a security (alarm) system which we haven't figured out yet. As expected, the one original Honda key opens the driver's door and starts the vehicle. Since we wanted more keys as backups, I drove to the nearest dealer and bought one ignition key ($51.00) and two 'door only' keys ($9.00 each). These were prepared using the one main original key. Here's our problem: NONE OF THE THREE NEWLY MADE KEYS OPENS THE DRIVER'S DOOR (?!) Since they were made from the one key that DOES open the door, why won't any of these new keys ALSO open the door? They only 'push-in' about half way. My limited understanding is that the operation of the door keys is a purely mechanical function. I'm stumped... so is the dealer.

So .. this makes no sense to us and we would be greatly appreciative if there are others who may have faced a similar occurrence. The dealer would not refund my money (grrrrr) ... probably because all three new keys DO work in the ignition (?) But that makes precious little difference if you can't get in the vehicle to begin with. Other interesting facts: None of the three new keys work in the PASSENGER door either (they go just 'half-way' in as well)... BUT they (ALL) work perfectly to open and lock the tail gate door. The dealer checked our VIN and used the correct key template ... the door lock cylinders have not been tampered-with and are original. Does anyone have any ideas? I take (small) comfort in the fact that if we inadvertently lock our main set in the van, we can open the tail gate and crawl over the seats (way inconvenient huh?). Any help would be most appreciated !!

One other clue (and one that may have thickened this plot considerably)- the one original key that opens the driver's door does NOT open the passenger door either (??) Thanks so much all!

Last edited by Honda Newbie; 05-12-2014 at 08:14 PM. Reason: Wrong Year Entered (2004 not 2002)
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Old 07-28-2014, 06:47 PM
RacerDad RacerDad is offline
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I too have a similar issue with the one key I got with the vehicle. I works everywhere but the passenger door. I haven't tried the glove compartment, but if it doesn't open that, our "original" may be the Valet key.

Somebody out there must know...
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