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Default How to Evaluate Desktop as a Service Providers

There are several well-known DaaS options to choose from, including ones from both Azure and AWS. When selecting a provider, you need to make sure that their services match your needs and can provide the following capabilities.

Compatibility with the current virtualization deployment
If you are already working with on-premises virtualized environments, it is important to choose a service with a compatible format. If services arenít compatible, IT teams have to rebuild your systems which can take significant time and effort. A better option is to choose a provider that is already compatible and has tools in place to help you migrate your existing configurations.

Documentation and support
When evaluating providers, verify that their documentation clearly details what services they provide. This includes what the provider is responsible for vs what you are responsible for. It also includes fully understanding how desktop licensing works. For example, are you charged per user or instance and per minute or month.Understanding what support is included is also important. For example, what service level agreements are in place to assure availability. Or, if something goes wrong, how responsive is technical support.

Backup and recovery options
DaaS, like most cloud services, often includes built-in backup and recovery options. However, these options may not be automatic or included in your licensing costs. You should verify what backup and recovery options are available to you and how those options are managed.Additionally, you should decide what you need to backup. If you are only using ephemeral desktops with no persistent storage, backups may not be a concern. However, if you have persistent desktops with local storage, you need to have a plan in place for routinely backing up that information, so no data is lost.

While DaaS can provide greater security than traditional workstations, it is not immune to vulnerabilities. DaaS providers should include security measures in their services beyond keeping applications or OSs up to date. For example, providing native tools for encryption, permissions management, or denial-of-service attack prevention.When evaluating Desktop as a service providers, you need to clarify what security aspects the provider is responsible for vs what you are responsible for. You should also determine what compliance standards the provider is certified to meet and if there are special configurations those standards limit you to.

One of DaaS' greatest benefits is centralized monitoring and management of desktops. However, to monitor desktops effectively, IT teams need to be able to integrate cloud monitoring with existing platforms. Ideally, your provider should enable you to ingest alerts and data from your service. This enables teams to combine DaaS information with that of other systems for comprehensive visibility.
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